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Foods That’ll Literally Keep You Cool

Foods That’ll Literally Keep You Cool

Foods That’ll Literally Keep You Cool

With summer here and with the temperatures soaring so high that people feel like they’re melting people aren’t going anywhere there aren’t A.Cs. But there are however other ways to keep cool in this scorching heat. There are certain foods that not only keep you full but can ever hydrate you and keep your body cool!

Here are some foods that will cool you down.


This delicious fruit when in season, is ideal to have in the summer. It’s 92% water and full of minerals and antioxidants and acts as an internal AC.



The saying “cool as a cucumber” has some truth to it. Cucumbers are also a great way to stay hydrated. It’ll also clean out your digestive tract and flush out toxins.

Coconut water

Coconuts hydrate you better than water. They’re full of electrolytes and essential minerals. They also contain anti-aging properties.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are good to have all year round but during extreme heat they have enough water content to keep you hydrated and cool.


This may surprise people but bananas will not only give you a burst of energy but will also keep your body cool. They allow your body to absorb more water which in turn keeps you cool.


They may make your breath smell but they can save you from a sunstroke. Onions have amazing cooling properties.

Lime water

Lime water otherwise known as Niboo pani is not only refreshing but has quite a host of health benefits.


Yogurt can be made into a raita mixed with some mint leaves or can be drunk with milk as lassi. It doesn’t matter how you take it as long as you do during the hot months.


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