35  Years Of Excellence

Our Philosophy

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Our Mission :

To achieve the highest possible standards in all that we do. Our number one priority and commitment is therefore to offer, at all times, world class products to our customers.


Our Vission :

Industry, Service, Education


Our Values :

Strive for Excellence:
To deliver the best of affordable and unique quality products that will measure up to international standards.


Consumer Focus:
To recognize the importance of our customers by providing them with Quality products that will exceed their expectations. Also, we will strive to improve consumer loyalty and enhance our consumer relation to maintain the highest level of satisfaction.



Importance to Team Work:
To excel, we recognize the need to have an open environment for collaboration. Therefore, company will ensure the flow of communication among team members and allow room for various points of view.



Competitive Advantages:


 We offer our consumers new and unique quality products in order to stay ahead of our competitors and also provide them with the best quality services.



company policy:

It is our policy to provide good quality products to our loyal consumers at reasonable price. We make all efforts to involve every employee of the Company in the achievement of this objective.



To achieve this, we are committed:

To continuously improves our quality control mechanism in order to deliver best of the quality to our consumes.

To avoid pollution through progressive reduction of emission, effluents and disposal of waste material.

To fine-tune the targets through better Management System.

To conduct periodic audits for continual improvement in the system.

To ensure improvement in the performance of employees, contractors, supplier and other relevant personnel.

To comply with relevant applicable Legislation and International Standards.



Our philosophy of good quality product is:

Compliance with Specification

Meeting the Consumers Satisfaction & Requirement

Hygienically Safe & Secure Product

Environment Friendly processes