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8 Dishes That Will Definitely Impress Your Mother-in-Law

8 Dishes That Will Definitely Impress Your Mother-in-Law

8 Dishes That Will Definitely Impress Your Mother-in-Law

Having your in-laws over can be a real stressful time, especially if you’re a woman. Not only will your house be judged but you will too and your cooking will be scrutinized as well! If your in-laws are coming over and you’re worried about ways to impress them then look no further. If you make these dishes you’re sure to impress your mother in law and keep her happy and give her no reason to complain about you.

Here are eight dishes that will definitely impress your mother in law:


There’s no denying every ones love for biryani. If you’re sure to make your in-laws biryani there is no chance they’ll have anything negative to say about you. Don’t forget the raita to go with the biryani too

Palak paneer

Just in case your mother in law is a vegetarian and doesn’t eat meat this mouthwatering dish is sure to leave her wanting more daughter in laws like you


Not only is this Garfield’s favorite dish it will also be your mother in laws too! As long as you blend the perfect mixture of cheese, pasta and meat you’re set


Cooked overnight to perfection, knowing how to prepare this dish properly means you know how to cook your meals. This will definitely be a hit in your home.


I’m sure just reading the word karhai has already got your mouth watering. Imagine how your mother in law will feel when she takes a bite and falls in love with your cooking.


No one can go wrong with pizza. With an adequate amount of mozzarella your mother will show you the same adequate amount of love you truly deserve!


You can make your mother in law be sweet to you by making this sweet dish that’ll surely make her taste buds scream with joy!

Ras malai

Need I say more? Ras malai is a devishly sweet dish which could be described as a rich cheese cake without a crust. Who wouldn’t be impressed with that?


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