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10 hydrating drinks their benefits

10 hydrating drinks their benefits

10 hydrating drinks their benefits

Many people don’t drink enough water especially during summer a lot of people become dehydrated without even realizing it. Water is definitely the way to go if you are feeling thirsty.

But there are other drinks out that that will keep you hydrated as well:


Be it meethi or salty Lassi hydrates the body, keeps it cool internally and is a natural remedy for digestive issues.

Sugar cane juice

If you’re looking for a drink that’ll give you energy you’ve lost during the day, have sugar cane juice. It will also boost your body’s immune system too!

Coconut water

Not only is this the essential drink for athletes it also contain essential electrolytes you need to refresh the body during summer.

Green tea

Tea will hydrate you the same as water will except green tea has the added benefit of providing you with antioxidants and it’ll increase your metabolism.


When life gives you lemons get the added benefits of lemonade! A refreshing summer drink that’ll keep your skin healthy, maintain blood pressure and give you some vitamin C.

Protein shake

Yup, it isn’t just for body builders anyone can have it even with water. The protein isn’t only good for your muscles, it’s also good for your hair and it encourages fat loss.

Sports drinks

They will hydrate you, provide you with electrolytes and will prevent muscle cramps.


Milk will help you retain fluids in your body and is more effective in countering dehydration. It’s great for your bones too.

Fresh juices

Fruits and vegetables both contain a lot of water content. Making them into a juice will be beneficial for you as they also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.


Make one of your favourite fruits into a nutrionally packed smoothie. Smoothies contain a lot of fiber and will keep you full after you drink it.


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