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Foods which complete your Roza at Iftar!

Foods which complete your Roza at Iftar!

Foods which complete your Roza at Iftar!

With Ramadan here, everyone has their favorite traditions that they love to follow. There is however one tradition everyone follows and that is eating together as a family during Iftar. At Iftar, there are certain foods without which your fast would feel incomplete. Here are some foods that have to be there at your next Iftar or your Roza will feel incomplete.


Cheese, chicken, keema, or aloo whatever they may be filled with they must be at the table.


Do I really need to explain why this goodness needs to be at your table?

Fruit Chaat

For those health nuts out there who want their nutrients filled, this is the go-to dish. Also, fruit chaat is a staple dish at any iftari

Dhai Barey

More like Yum bharey, mix it with chaat masala or imli masala it’s great.


Your dose of protein during iftar, channa chaat will fill you up quickly so you don’t overeat.


This tastes perfect served hot and fresh, they’ll melt in your mouth. Oh man, I’m already craving some.

Ras Malai

Basically a cheesecake without the crust. It’s too good not to have.

Rooh Afza

I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t have Roohafza outside of Ramadan. So you gotta have it at Iftar.


You can have a date every day in Ramadan! ;)


With whatever fruit you want, you can make yourself a nutritious stomach-filling smoothie!


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