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Eight of the best things to eat at Iftar!

Eight of the best things to eat at Iftar!

Eight of the best things to eat at Iftar!

Iftar is the time we break our fast and the time our bodies need nutrients and minerals that they’ve been deprived of the whole day. To replenish this here are the best things to eat at Iftar time


A good source of both minerals and vitamins, they help in digestion and are a good source of energy which you need.


These too also provide a lot of energy and contain a lot of important nutrients. They also help you feel full so you don’t overeat at iftar time.


A good source of protein, channas of any type are healthy. They’re high in fiber which ensure you won’t eat too much. Also low in fat and helps control your cholesterol


Watermelon is 98% water. It won’t only hydrate you but will fill you full of vitamins and minerals you need. It’s also very good for your heart.


A great source of protein which is easily digestible. It’s high in minerals and improves bone health and heart health while giving you a boost of energy.


Salads are healthy because of all the raw vegetables in it. They’ll replenish you of all the minerals and vitamins your body is craving.

Fruit chaat

Instead of having one fruit having a bunch of fruit will have more benefits.


Boiled and grilled fish is a great source of protein and vitamins you need. It’s also easy on the stomach


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