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Top 5 places in Lahore where Desi meets Modern

Top 5 places in Lahore where Desi meets Modern

Top 5 places in Lahore where Desi meets Modern

Are you always hungry for desi but too burger to actually sit and eat at desi places? Are you a huge karahi fan but you don’t like going to the Food Street? Is the ambiance at desi restaurants something that puts you off?

If yes, then you need a blend of both desi and modern in your life! Here are the top 5 places in Lahore where desi meets modern (we believe that these are perfect for you!):

  1. Spice Bazaar

A Pakistani Restaurant in a modern setting, Spice Bazaar is one of the top-rated desi places to go in Lahore. From karahi to handi to kebabs, it is all about desi food.

At Spice Bazaar, you get to choose from a large menu filled with authentic and mouth-watering desi delicacies.

This place gets admired for the service that it offers! The waiters are extremely friendly and are always ready to help you out. They have a reasonable waiting time and the food arrives with an excellent presentation. It has a sophisticated ambiance with outdoor and indoor sitting areas.

Their super hi-tea is extremely popular. It has a nice variety of desi dishes combined with yummy appetizers and BBQ items.

Their Gulab Jammans, Ras Malai and Faloda are to die for! Chashni, their sister branch, sells some of the most delicious mithais available in Lahore.

As a cherry on top, Spice Bazaar is reasonably priced and is perfect if you are on a budget. Do give them a visit and don’t forget to ask them for Gajras (don’t worry, you get them for free!)

  1. Maro Tandoors

Maro Tandoors is a joint venture of a few engineering students. They have started off small but with high aims. In just a matter of few years, they have become well-known for their creative naans!

The place, as the name suggests, sell naans. Mind you - these naans are not the traditional ones that you will find at your local tandoor waala; these are everything you don’t expect a naan to be.

From Nutella naan to pizza naan, they have put together the two worlds of desi and modern food. They have recently started their own handis and karahis too!

If you plan on visiting them, do try their midnight munchies deal (valid from 12am to 4am) which is great for you midnight cravings!

  1. Awesamosas

Ever thought of eating a samosa burger? Yes you can! At Awesamosas, they sell everything samosas! From samosa burgers to Reese’s filled samosas, you get to enjoy some of the most peculiar yet delicious samosa flavors here!

The young duo – Daniyal and Seemi invented these not-so-traditional samosas. Although they started with only 6 flavors on the menu, they are gradually growing and expanding their menu.

They have turned the classic samosa to a modern one. With options like Manchurian chicken and strawberry custard, there is always a samosa for everyone!

Their latest khoobsoratea has received a lot of appreciation from their customers. They have revived the chai-samosa duo and that too with a modern touch to it!

Their flagship outlet is near CSD Cavalry Lahore. Do stop by and give them so love!

  1. What’a Paratha

Although no paratha can beat ammi k hath k parathay, yet the parathas from this place are definitely worth a try.

We are talking about the new sensation in town – What’aParatha! It has the most unique range of parathas including cinnamon butter and pepperoni cheese paratha.

For all the “I cannot eat paratha because it’s too oily” people out there, the parathas you get here are not the same as the traditional ones that are dripping in oil.

These are refined and mouth-watering parathas with a modern touch to them! Don’t worry if you cannot make it to their outlet, they deliver to countless areas in Lahore.

  1. Bombay Chowpatty

Finally, we have Desi Zara Hatt Ke! If you are looking for a place where you can find all sorts of desi food - from channa chats to dosas to chicken tikkas, then Bombay Chowpatty is the place to go.

It is a Pakistani Restaurant with a modern setting and loads of desi dishes. Located off M M Alam Road, their outdoor seating area will make you fall in love! The interior is sophisticated and designed with an eye for detail.

Bombay’s Hi-tea buffet is a must-try! Gulab Jammans and Ras Malai are considered to be their specialty as well. The place is also known for its raj kachoris and pappri chats!

Our post already got you hungry for desi? No worries! We would suggest you to pick a place and have a fun-filled gathering with your friends and family members!


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